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tv   Senator Klobuchar Remarks at Polk County Democrats Spring Dinner  CSPAN  May 9, 2017 10:07pm-10:52pm EDT

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[applause] thank you thanks for coming it was a wonderful dinner laugh laugh just kidding. before we introduced the
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speaker tonight a want to talk about the flag that is behind me a lot of people that have been asking that is a weird looking flag had to modify that. i can tell everybody is the right flag. the last time you probably saw this flag it was across the east village for zero president obama last campaign speech of his entire career. we wanted it to be here to show it had good-- in the past with good-- today and good-- in the future. [applause] barack obama up, no pressure senator klobuchar laugh laugh the daughter of the newspaper man and an elementary schoolteacher the first woman to be elected to the u.s. senate in minnesota history in one of the most effective members of the
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u.s. congress. that is not just me saying that it was reported last year she was ranked number one in the senate with the most bills enacted into law in the 114th congress. [applause] she has worked on a lot to crack down on sex trafficking and led the legislation to combat the '03 '08 epidemic and has reached out to work with democrats than republicans on the 2014 farm bill of legislative record is amazing. in a recent poll 72 percent of minnesota in disapproved of her work including the majority of republicans. [applause] the majority of republicans for of most recently by other for senators to call for the independent commission on the trump campaign ties to russia. [cheers and applause]
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anything she will continue her work investigating because there is much more to find out. speaking of that guy a somehow of sexist voss from every '70s centcom got into the oval office. a lot of us don't know for sure how that happened but one thing that is clear from the women's march it will take the women of the democratic party to save the democratic party. [cheers and applause] it is going to take the women and the mothers and sisters and daughters and grandmothers to save our country. senator klobuchar is one of those women. welcome to pull county. [cheers and applause] >>.
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>> unbelievable thank you so much. hello good neighbors it is so good to see all of you. i had no idea where the flag was from. let's give the hand to president obama and michele for the incredible work that they did. [cheers and applause] this is truly a beautiful i love -- blue sky sunny iowa day as i concede iowa from my from porto thought i was going to cheer you up but you have cheered me have. this is incredible to never give up to care about this country they give for your work. you not only represent your members also the working people of america up.
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thank you for the incredible speech. for all of those elected officials and robbed even though you trash talk my state berger you think i did not notice that on c-span? [laughter] my favorite line when you said we will not be moping around in the backyard instead year will be yelling from the porch in the front yard. thank you for that. a lot has happened since i was here in the fall before the election. some big things have happened like back in in january and that an egg -- inaugural stage i was displaced by mrs. trump she was actually born one hour
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away from my relatives. a true story every time i looked at her it is like looking in the mirror. [laughter] so i could spend my entire speech talking about donald trump with endless material. look at what happened in the last week with democrats and republicans after working together finally averted a government shutdown. we did that in congress and got that done. we have had many close calls to be on the verge of disaster episodes when we voted in tel 3:00 in the morning on years eve and there i was this romantic moment, a true story of the senate floor the clock strikes 12 icy harry reid
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reid, and mitch mcconnell. every girl's dream on new year's eve. [laughter] we got out of that disaster. [laughter] and last week despite all the rancor in politics we averted disaster again and kept funding for troop, medical research, agriculture health care and planned parenthood. [applause] what did donald trump to crises and daughter tweet the next day to threaten a major shutdown next fall. that is not pleader ship that is tweetership t.
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millions of americans are wondering if they can go to the doctor's office but he hases people over and there delaware are in a celebration and he will tweet big win from the oval office attacks of refugees and immigrants alexander hamilton said the judges to have the power of the purse they get it from the constitution and it is our duty to stand up for the judges in the independent judiciary. that is what we do as democrats i am the daughter of the journalists alike take this personally president trump and is a man who treats everything that
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interest is head refuses to knowledge the constitutional amendment that allows him to do it. guess what? we not only acknowledge the first amendment but we embrace it and will defend it every step of the way. donald trump flakes' it when we talk about him but here in in iowa you pride yourself to be first corn production, hog production, the caucuses you are up to the challenge the first democratic party dinner the rest of the night we do not even mention his name. the tonight we will talk about something else how we move forward as a dissonance as a party of the country we speak from the heartland in
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the middle of the country. there are many who were in middle-class, middle-income middle-class, middle-income, a few who could be described as middle-age. [laughter] and from time to time in the middle politically. my husband is the third of six boys his mom and dad have four boys and she really wanted a girl got pregnant again and have identical twin boys. laugh laugh all lived in a mobile home in mankato and he was the middle child. he got for got a lot in one time they actually forgot him at a gas station in did not realize it until they were miles away. i have never done that to him. [laughter] but it isn't easy being the middle child. for those of us in the middle this time going into 2018 in the middle of the country will not be
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forgotten. we have a voice and people should listen. both iowa and minnesota have a strong tradition of grass-roots politics also lot of independent voters and not a lot of people in the country have that if you don't believe me then governor jesse ventura. [laughter] what do we do now moving forward? first we have to acknowledge the donkey in the middle of the room. that is what happened this fall it was a tough night to. i was at minnesota up parties with my junior senator al franken i like to do that. [laughter] as the night goes on gets worse and finally i go home. i get a tax from my daughter that i realized she was at
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hillary's party in new york. i felt guilt because i have forgotten she was there because of a so focused it said mom, what should be do now? i wrote this long text. go now the subway is still running. leave. you have class tomorrow she probably will not speak to my daughter writes back immediately. i mean our country. so i told her the next morning. the country has been through tough times before. wars and discrimination a financial crisis with deep-seated discord but throughout all we have always had a peaceful transition of power and that is what we need to do now.
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the what is moving forward look like with administration that zigzags with republicans in congress to one to hold us back with big money? channel whole lot of families who just feel stock. that is what the democratic party needs to focus on. there plenty of reasons we lost in 2016 at least one beacon definitely fix for next time to make sure no one is left behind where we go or who we talked to or what we say or what we do. we now have portent that is because minnesota batters, a georgia matters, wisconsin matters, wisconsin, west virginia, nebraska, ohio and
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iowa matters. [applause] i am darned by visiting all 87 counties in the state every single year. it gets interesting if it is a smaller county lickings for something new to do every time at one point i found a new business for me to visit it was called insect in for no with the subtitle we killed bedbugs with he tore they'll literally put a mattress and couches inside the truck. so the curious senator that i m i went into the truck we want you to see what it is like but we will only turn up the heat half way. true story. [laughter] as a former republican candidate said we want to
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bid we don't show up in the places where we are comfortable also where we are uncomfortable even when they turn up the heat and that is what we need to do in this next election. leave no people behind. [applause] >> i hear about people misstate howell the kids need to take over the family farm moms can not pay for prescriptions are teenagers cannot understand why their friends are hooked on opioid door manufacturers or those who cannot get a broad band connection. we are nation of weekend and we can dream it we can build it.
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we can do with. i think america is at its best with the country that thinks and invest and exports to the world. that is a competitive agenda to include everyone it is not how much money wall street makes in the short term that helps minnesota and iowa bettis said we should measure our success how mainstream thrives in the long-term. i visited golden grain energy in mason city creating jobs in the midwest and said the feeding and got - - feeding the coffers of the oil companies offer popcorn haven in water mill there is proper flavors like southwest hot weighing and dill pickle the data 10:00 in the morning be like those
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across the towns in my state show us what is possible that this is the center of this competitive agenda. like this data via laugh square but cool the state of iowa so if they are prepared for the 21st century the basic bargain if you worked hard and play by the rules you could get ahead make sure your kids and grandkids were better off but now the cost of the bargain is too high. we people working two or three jobs with savings that don't add up there doing everything to get by to get a leg up but it doesn't leave them much time to do anything else. we need to give workers a raise to make sure no good
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job goes unfilled because they are not getting training. as a democratic party we have to make an important statement not everyone wants to go to a four year college and respect that. [applause] my own sister did not graduate from high school and she got her g.d.. where? in iowa she got a job at a plant down here they were nice to her she went to a community college and eventually got her four year degree after all that she got the best score on her accounting exam in iowa. that is a little trash talk and has spent an accountant
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ever since there's not one path to success but there are many behalf to boost the stems education and our high-school. people go to a silicon valley with astrophysics or whenever but that is not the only thing we talk about. it is also blue-collar jobs bluestem jobs we need high-school auto class's with a high-tech there is a shortage of welder's so why not teach kids to want that skill earlier? to give kids a jump-start like computer integrated manufacturing and medical research. the students in our classrooms today we'll work in the lab and follow-through and will end
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up in places like mayo and harvard and save our families from the devastation of alzheimer's to find a better treatment for opiate addiction freer to three years of community college has fuelled an idea that is great and let's do it made to strengthen the apprenticeship programs there is a reason unions have been running these programs for so long. they work we need to make sure veterans get good jobs and those skills are needed over here and we need to bring down the cost of four year college but if billionaires' can refinance there second home then they
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should be able to do the same. [applause] every person deserves a clear path to a good job tom harkin has preached so many times where the poverty rate for children in rural america is five points higher than in the urban areas. housing is hard to come by and it is harder to stay in business it is time to make a real commitment by expanding broadband building affordable housing to take on world poverty that is how believe no one behind. [applause]
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>> my grandpa never graduated from college or high school. he worked 1500 feet under ground in the minds and saved money and a coffee can for my dad's college. he grew up in northern minnesota where he went to community college and then got his journalism degree from the university of minnesota interviewed everybody from ginger rogers to ronald reagan and might take up. my mom taught second grade until she was 70 years old people still come up and tell me she was their favorite teacher. so no matter where you come from you can succeed and now all i m here today the
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daughter of a miner and a teacher and a newspaperman for selected to the senate from the state of minnesota as how america works. [applause] could myograph do that today? with this economic agenda when need to give businesses the incentive to innovate right here in america. that is the number of hard-working americans that were laid off in the latest downturn with china producing half of the steel with subsidized production companies cannot compete and workers were hurt as a result made to sell our
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goods to customers around the world but we must do more for those foreign companies to long --- president obama met day guy named dan hill a steelworker who spoke at the end and said my kid just graduated from preschool the teacher asked what they want to be when they grow up and he said i want to be a steel worker just like my dad that he took his t-shirt and two across the table and unthinking please catch the t-shirt and he did and he said making it come true. we pushed and delaware would up the tariff and the head
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of the company has said the reason they could open the plant again was because we made the even playing field and our workers can compete with a even playing field and that is true. [applause] another example american biofuel from iowa it is a homegrown economic generator for iowa and minnesota these companies are becoming more and more innovative but their plant in a mitt spurred is churning out cellulosic fuel and another has figured out a way to turn garbage into ethanol the renewable fuel standards has created more than 850,000 jobs in 10 years. the increased our dependence
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on foreign oil and our investment with clean energy. it is a shock when this industry shin to hint with labor in support of the renewable fuel standard to weekend of policy and less of a shock when advisers named carl icon saw his financial portfolio grow by $100 million after he suggested the changes. we made a big deal out of it and they backed down. being competitive does not mean selling off for the short-term for the? buck by investing for the long term to create jobs hear it is important but we have to think beyond that technology is changing
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american workers we need to support new and innovative start-ups that can support a changing work force. workers are looking for flexibility and to the economy to find that it too often that they don't have security and that's not right. our party must get behind big idea is how they can share corporate profits to take those benefits from job to job to build up their savings. that is reality and the way for word. we can afford to shut out talent to drive up the people who call this country home. more than 70 are led by immigrants of america's companies 25% of nobel laureates were born in other
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countries. so and people talk about immigration reform they think of those on the coast we know there are many rural communities if there wasn't a doctor for miles to play a program in place named after a senator from north dakota live now continuing this program is as if you get educated daughter of medical school in minnesota or iowa to do your residency anyone to stay here for a few years you can do that is -- you go to a rural or underserved area and that is keeping a lot of the medical workers going in our hospitals. talking about immigration reform people need to understand that it matters.
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strong and sturdy infrastructure. i know how importuned this is in my state because i just lived fpl miles away from that bridge that collapsed especially in a lane interstate highway should not just fall down in america not a bridge that my family drives over every day in the middle of rush hour. we rebuilt that bridge in 13 months. what about the other bridges or charles city bridge? that partially collapsed last month here in iowa for the highways you drive on or the energy grid but hasn't been updated since the '50s? broadband?
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we had a doctor in northern minnesota he could do that hospital but not at his house he would have to try to the mcdonald's parking lot to like x-rays for his patient or on a reservation and a kid gets wife eye to look out the house the kids are in his yard that was the only place to do their homework. the president said that is what he would start with remember on election night? that is too bad they have not done that yet the senate democrats have a plan and we will work with anyone or anybody to get it done. [applause] we need to keep costs done for american families your
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cable bill, your phone bill pharmaceuticals we need more competition period to much concentration whether health care or cable. look at prescription drugs my daughter has a severe allergy and carries that at the pan with her everywhere you saw that quadruple only because of that backlash on social media we could get the cost down the you cannot do that for every drug when for of the top-selling drugs in america other prices have gone up over 100 percent. to have medicare part b negotiate better prices for seniors. [applause]
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we need to add generic and bring in less expensive drugs from canada that is the amendment bernie sanders and i have had that is the bill the have less senator john mccain i believe we need to make reforms to the affordable care act to reduce prescription drug cost and helping other people on the exchange, but we do not want to do with a dead on thursday but that brings us back words. here in the heartland passing a big bill like that when you don't even know how much it cost. i had to make a decision the end of last week. trump ray and i had the
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opportunity to run for governor but i decided i would not leave my station because the united states senate is the place to be. this is the place not only a place of compromise with the emergency brake tax reform? we can stop that. as long as you have our backs. [applause] a complete reversal of the work we have done to combat climate change to get out of the paris treaty 195 patients have signed onto we can stop that. any effort to roll back progress that lever on the forefront on weekend stop that with lgbt rights and to
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roll back voting rights and could not believe that story because you're so competitive with you the one of the top of voting turnouts but you just handicapped yourselves because of those republicans in the legislature this cannot happen on a national level. [applause] and we can stop any efforts to downplay or distract that russian interference in our election. they did that in 2016 and they will do again i spent last week with john mccain and georgia and ukraine we've drawn the front-line with the ukrainian troops.
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and then they say 10,000 ukrainians then to have that audacity and then to shut off the internet. and then to celebrate those independents of lithuania. and to see this movie before but guess what? >>guest. this and just about one
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candidate or party that is about protecting our democracy and we still say this no to have the independent commission to investigate what happened. but that is not the only place it is right here in the room the day after the inauguration millions of women and men and then they were never have many people in des moines? 26,000 marched here to know
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how many women signed up to say they wanted to run for office and never have before? 6,000 women across the country. and when the refugee order came out they spontaneously shown above the airport across the country and it would not have done that they had to march on a number to. and then on the cabinet nomination. because of the views and the pressure and the fast for word delaware 100 to say in
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one voice we believe in science. those are not all activist what do we want? science. when? after peer review. [laughter] if anyone asks you about being too loud and why you march not just resisting but insisting on a better way for word. so what do we do know? to the truth and to the people but we cannot sit these years out the half to be proactive to put out our own ideas and listen and
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learn and those that we don't always agree with. and then to be tweeting in the middle of the night to wake up in the morning to look out of window and see the light, the blue sky of via -- iowa with the wind turbines for miles and miles effie the families and fuel to local economy with the engine of innovation taking on new ways of challenges people to speak out for the first time and there is a few other room meat can say for 1,000 times for qvc people who care we see
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potential and promise my state has the biggest somali population in the united states and they are big part of the economy slowed during the last presidential campaign and the lows that went out to dinner and uh guy walked by he said you go home to you came from. the little girl says mom parks i don't want to goldberger you said we could eat out.
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think of the words of the innocent child that only those one home, my state is your state, the united states of america. that is what that is all about so iowa democrats but just to overcome let's think of this as an opportunity to show the world would america really stands for to show the world what we are made of. thank you to the poll county democrat. [applause]
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>> get all think he represents a positive values of jackson basketball i think i would tell president trump and he was to be like gander jackson to be in front of his own family that is what jackson did for most of his presidency. >> to experience a fulfilling purposeful life
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one thing you have to do with this. >> you are your own story. free to imagine and experience what demeans to be human. >> not to be prisoners of history but a responsibility to fill a role bin. >> holding fast of faced honesty patriotism and generosity. >>
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[applause] >> good afternoon coming from all over the hemisphere to be with us today. on behalf of the council of america is silent reduce our keynote speaker


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